• Design and Build

    We have an in-house concept and design service that will keep you informed during the build process, our experience of what works and doesn't, saves you time and money and provides a realistic and robust end user product. We consider safety and functionality first, and then look to develop aesthetically pleasing designs in order to match customer preferences, brand identity and location criteria.
    Design stages often include -
    • Defining the customer needs.
    • Scope of work.
    • Prototype process plan.
    • Concept design, sketch, 3d rendered models, actual models, CAD drawings.
    • Health and safety considerations, LVD, EMC, IP ratings.
    • Ergonomics, DDA compliance.
    • Working prototype.
    • Volume rollout.
    We also accept that some projects don't warrant this level of detail and should be treated as a simple low budget project. In these cases we adapt our existing designs that have been thoroughly proven and tested.
    Our trained engineers can build you a single prototype or plan a product rollout.
    You can provide us with your concept or you may want our designers to work with your ideas and then provide visuals, models or working CAD drawings ahead of production.
  • Manufacturing capabilities

    CAD Design

    We can fabricate and build using your electronic drawings or offer a CAD design service, the completed design can then be programmed into the machinery for production runs.

    Tools and machinery

    We have laser cutting, CNC hole piercing, bending and forming machinery on site, working from 0.5- 3mm gage steel and aluminium. Additionally: We have access to NC control press brakes, guillotines, spot welding, tig and mig welding and metal finishing bays.


    There are powder coating booths and ovens available at RGB manufacturing, so we can provide any RAL colour finish your require, we also work with acrylics, glass, wood and vinyl branding to make your product unique.

    Electrical assembly and quality

    Control RGB have a dedicated area away from the production floor for integration work, testing and quality control.

  • Integration

    We are often asked to integrate any number of peripherals into our kiosks and digital displays. We fabricate suitable fixings and heat soak each component thoroughly before signing them off ready for dispatch.

    We work with robust components and keep an integration code repository for peripherals so these devices can be easily applied to other projects saving time and cost.

    Components and systems are recorded with 'go live' dates so issues and warranties are traceable giving you peace of mind.

    We have built fixings and housings for a number of peripherals including:

    • Kiosk Printers.
    • Coin/note acceptor.
    • Chip and Pin card receiver hardware (PCI compliant).
    • Ruggedized keyboard and tracker ball.
    • Magnetic stripe card readers.
    • Laser scanner - decodes 1D and 2D barcodes.
    • Orbit Scanner - omnidirectional scan pattern.
    • Biometric devices.
    • Kinect for windows.
  • Future Proof

    We have noticed some projects can change after installation, new functionality, peripherals and services might need to be included. We can manufacture in blanking plates so peripherals can be introduced at a later stage.

    Our engineers can add peripherals to existing kiosks and displays when we design in lockable access points and easy swap shelving, this saves time and cost during an upgrade.

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